Learn About B2B Kinetics

Cheri Eyink

Our leadership

B2B Kinetics was founded by Cheri Eyink; a pragmatic and impact-driven leader with over 25 years pricing experience across B2B sectors. She has a unique combination of pricing experience encompassing both consulting with McKinsey & Company and commercial work in high tech and industrial manufacturing. Her interest in identifying opportunities, leveraging change management skills, capturing impact, and sustaining results is what drives her work.

Cheri has a Master Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University, a Master of Business Administration from University of Dayton, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University where she graduated summa cum laude.

In addition to serving as the project manager and core contributor to the first and second editions of the book, “The Price Advantage”, Cheri presented “Big Impact from Little Data: Leveraging the Bits and Bytes” at the Professional Pricing Society conference and published “Pricing in an Inflationary Downturn” in the McKinsey Quarterly and "Do You Know Who is Training Your Sales Team?" in the Pricing Advisor (a publication of the Professional Pricing Society). 

Our areas of expertise

During her years leading and consulting with global organizations to address their pricing challenges, Cheri has helped companies in multiple areas of pricing including:

  • Pricing strategy
  • Pricing roles & organization design
  • Sales & Product Management workshops
  • Software design & implementation
  • Training: classroom, online, video
  • Diagnostics
  • Senior management training & buy-in
  • Process design & reengineering
  • Pricing scorecards, metrics, & snapshots
  • Transaction pricing
  • Value based pricing
  • New product pricing
  • Quoting process, analytics, & CRM
  • Global implementations 
  • Knowledge management & access

Our Approach

Pricing is a powerful lever for profit improvement where small changes make a big impact.  Pricing is also a sensitive topic that impacts multiple departments throughout an organization.  Because of both the power and sensitivity of price, we partner with you throughout the process of pricing improvement to implement changes that are tailored to your business, your culture, and your goals.  

Our name

B2B Kinetics is a reference to kinetic energy; the energy of motion.  We want to be your partner to harness the power of pricing to create and sustain value, revenue, and profit for your business over the long term